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Enjoy high fidelity audio, better than the telephone audio. Go past frustration and tiredness by using the latest in audio technology.

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Secure Audio Services

Secure, Premium Quality, High-Definition Audio services with large numbers of participants.

Audio Conference Phones

Devices for small-to-medium meeting room audio coverage with daisy-chaining functionality.

Installed Voice

Audio processors solutions for medium-to-large room applications that require special audio processing.

Secure identity-based conferencing

Our premium audio conferencing services include a highly-secure feature, identity-based conferencing. This system eliminates the need of participant passcodes which are of medium security standards.

The identity-based conferencing features allows you to easily control the participants of the call and to be sure that only authorized participants can join your audio call.

Room coverage

Design of solutions to cover your room in the most appropriate way for crisp clear audio reproduction with high-tech features such as beamforming. Participate in a point-to-point or multipoint call using your room audio while being relaxed without making an effort to speak or to hear the other end.

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