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Sectigo – The Rebirth of Comodo CA

New name, same great Certificate Authority

Sectigo is the world’s number 1 commercial CA, with over 100,000,000 digital certificates issued in over 150 countries. More companies and websites rely on Sectigo than any other CA. With a range of digital certificate offerings from Code Signing and SMIME to all types of SSL, Sectigo has a product – and a price tag – that’s perfect for everyone.



cWatch Web

All-in-one managed Security-as-a-Service solution backed by security experts

As website and data breaches dominate international headlines at an alarming rate, cyber security has become a giant concern for any business online-large or small. Luckily there’s now a simple solution. Introducing cWatch Web, a comprehensive website Security-as-a-Service solution built on Comodo’s 20 year foundation of unmatched security intelligence and experience that includes a team of GIAC certified security engineers fully-equipped to remediate any threat for you.