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Eye Clarity

A unique Videobar

An All-in-one solution for individual use or for small / medium collaboration rooms. 

The Eye Clarity VideoBar converts a computer to a full-featured videoconference station. The system uses a single USB connection to provide the computer with high-quality hardware: camera, microphone and speaker. 

Eye Clarity features ePTZ auto-Framing, depending on the model. Camera resolution ranges between 2K to 4K-UHD. A remote controller is included. 

The system features embedded speaker and camera, for small spaces. Wireless microphones (up to 3 wireless microphones) are available for audio coverage in long meeting tables. The microphones are provided with a charging plate. 

The only videobar with wireless microphones!

Use with MS Teams, Zoom, Pexip, Webex, GoToMeeting or any other software.

Convert your laptop into a Meeting Room Videoconferencing system!