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Pexip Cloud Services

Conferencing and Streaming services on the Cloud

Pexip Enterprise

Video Meetings & Calling through the Cloud

The Videxio Enterprise service offers a state-of-the-art cloud conferencing service that spans across the globe. It enables professional videoconferencing across an organisation without any infrastructure needed and without implementation costs.

Corporate teams can conference using all platforms, all protocols and all types of devices. Everyone has access to the meeting no matter what they use.

Join the call using a video endpoint in a meeting room, such as Polycom, Cisco, Aver, Lifesize, Yealink or other similar systems. Join using your laptop and web browser, or the MyMeeting Video software by Videxio. Join using your iOS or Android mobile or tablet, or just join using your telephone. 


A User in Videxio Enterprise can host conference calls with up to 50 participants on audio or video. In addition, users of the same company can call each other point-to-point.  without the need of any call-control platform or internal infrastructure. The service uses a global video network that allows participants to join from any part of the world with minimum latency.


Host external guests which do not need an account in the Videxio platform. Anyone can join your meeting using their web browser without any software installation.

Pexip Teams

Team meetings for unlimited Video Calling on a dedicated global network

The Videxio Teams service is very similar to the Videxio Enterprise and enjoys the same features, global network and quality of communication.

The difference of Videxio Teams is in the way that the conference organizer and the participants join the conference call. A Videxio Teams account is made for teams and therefore does not belong to an individual while Videxio Enterprise belongs to a specific person with a unique email address.

Passcodes for the Team

If you are the owner of a Videxio Teams account, you can organize conference calls by giving out a passcode to your intended participants. As the host of the call, you have the host passcode which you keep for yourself. This passcode activates the conference call so that your participants cannot make conference calls without your permission.

Virtual Meeting Room for Teams

A Videxio Teams account can be used by a team which means that the host passcode that activates a meeting can be shared between several members of a team. It is easy to use the Virtual Meeting Room of the Videxio Teams account because there is no need for email & password login or sharing a private password that belongs to an individual.


Host external guests which do not need an account in the Videxio platform. Anyone can join your meeting using their web browser without any software installation.


Pexip Live

Videxio Live takes your conference call to the next level by creating a Streaming Video type connection to YouTube or any custom RTMP streaming system. This eliminates the need for hardware and software to capture and encode the video to RTMP.

Scheduling Live Streaming Events

The Videxio Live service provides intuitive and user-friendly workflows for scheduling and recording a live event without any complex technical setup.


Videxio Live offers a Recording feature if you wish to record your presentation, event or training. Any event can be streamed, recorded, or both at the same time.

Integration to any streaming platform

The Videxio Live service provides an RTMP stream, which is an industry standard. This enables integration to any streaming platform, system or encoder. You can directly feed a Content Delivery System to distribute your stream to hundreds or thousands of viewers. Or you can choose YouTube integration and enable your audience to watch your event using your YouTube account video streaming page.  You can also feed the RTMP stream to encoders or to streaming servers for restreaming.


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