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Silex Smart Rooms

Centre of Table collaboration products for small and medium teams.

Smart Rooms for enhanced conferencing experiences

The smart and interactive Silex­ rooms take the conventional boardrooms, conference rooms and lecture halls to a completely new level. They are designed to maximize the collaboration and conferencing experience by using industry-leading technology. They enhance the eye contact and room audio, offering a near immersive experience that is as good as being there.

Because each space is different, Silex Rooms are fully customizable and specially designed to fit any space to better answer your needs and your requirements. Each room is unique and conceived upon request, taking people and their needs into consideration while including the best of breed technologies and the industry’s new trends.

Silex Smart Rooms allow full control of all room components, versatile connectivity and advanced content sharing to maximize your productivity. They are live active systems that will help you better interact with your surrounding and share any kind of information from any device. With Silex Smart Rooms, you can benefit from an unparalleled theatre-like video conferencing and meeting experience in a comfortable futuristic High-Tech atmosphere. The collaboration experience is enhanced thanks to integrated tools such as personal motorized screens or embedded multi-touch surfaces, intuitive content sharing, room control, projection walls or LED video walls and much more.

Silex Smart Rooms’ designs can include curvy shapes and walls made of modular trendy textile panels. These allow infinite design possibilities while concealing all the technologies such as speakers, cables and embedded lighting. Each room can therefore become an acoustically ready space offering a studio-like audio experience.

A Silex Smart Room solution combines elegance and high-end technologies in an exclusive space.

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