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Digital Meetings

Productive, high-quality meetings for the modern business.

Eye Clarity

A unique Videobar

  • USB Videobar
  • ePTZ Auto Framing
  • Up to 4K UHD
  • Wireless Microphones

The only videobar with wireless microphones!

Use with MS Teams, Zoom, Pexip, Webex, GoToMeeting or any other software.

Convert your laptop into a Meeting Room Videoconferencing system!

Work from Home Solutions

Improve your audio quality, enhance your video quality.

Meet & Discuss

Enable your geographically dispersed teams to meet. Let us help you by providing productive tools for you to manage your business.

Create your video cloud

Create an affordable conferencing and streaming video cloud that delivers high-quality secure communications.

Stream your message

Broadcast your CEO message to your employees. Reach out to your wider audience of thousands of associates or freelancers. Accept questions and create a cinematic experience for your clients.

Building Successful Meetings

A successful meeting depends on the equipment, services and networks used to deliver a conferencing service. But the most important element is the expertise to build the solution. 


Video Systems

Room Audio Design


Videoconferencing and audioconferencing equipment solutions help teams communicate remotely to improve relationships and productivity.

Room Audio design is an important part of any conferencing system or installation. 

Audio solutions include microphone systems, DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) and expertise, to deliver the best quality.

Discover the benefits of using an SBC in your network, working in tandem with your Firewall to enable voice and video communications in a secure and productive way.

Pexip Services

Start your conferencing immediately. No need to design or buy any huge video infrastructure. No need for any Capex. No need for any implementation services or any time to wait for completion. Pexip has everything ready and waiting for you.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

To make an impact across the globe, you need efficient and cost-effective communication tools. Get ahead of the queue by creating productive teams. Overcome taboos and use video, voice and content to accelerate your growth.

Digital Meetings

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